New Eco Solution Website is Launched

Wynist is delighted and to announce the launch of our new website serving solely on our sustainable materials and applications.

Over the past 4 decades, our company has undergone a significant transformation from being a trading company to an international retail service group. By growing and learning together with our customers around the world, we see the urge to implement sustainability into our business.

In the past year, Wynist has been researching sustainable materials and developing different applications to best serve our customers. While continuing to provide great value and excellent retail service, Wynist wants to be your partner on your road to sustainability.

On our eco website, you will find all of our sustainable materials and products. We will be continuously updating our website on our latest news, materials, and products. Please check back on our website regularly to see our updates.

If you have any new ideas for new sustainable materials or applications, we are also open to any collaboration to research and develop!


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